April 24th, 2014

Dear John Doe,

The price of our experimental turbine runs about $1,295,000.00 as a base price. That does not include the extra items including avionics, oxygen, instruments and autopilot. We do include a 0 time reman 331-5 840 HP 5000 plus TBO Honeywell engine and the big 3 blade 116 inch Hartzell prop. It takes us approximately 10 months to build from scratch. Our funding for the purchase is based on an initial deposit ranging from $150,000.00 to $200,000.00 depending on the extra package you wish to include and we the have a progressive payment scheduled that is paid as various components or stages have been completed. We do require some building participation from the owner in qualifying for the 51% rule that can be discussed on the phone. All extra items are priced on the OEM factory supplier cost plus 15%.
We have been involved on the certification program but have halted progress until we are once again hooked up with a new financial partner. The same exact aircraft when certified will sell for an estimated amount of $2,100,000.00.

Our model 500 is being redesigned and should sell for approximately $550,000.00.The purchase arrangement is similar to the turbine agreement with smaller percentages.

All aircraft leave our facility in flying condition as we don’t sell individual kit components to be assembled elsewhere.
Thanks for your interest and I hope this gives you the information you were looking for.
Best regards
Glen Gordon
Sherpa Aircraft

April 5th, 2014

Dear Fred Smith,

The base price for the turbine 650T is 1,295,000.00. Additional items are the avionics package, instruments, auto pilot, oxygen and max viz infra-red night vision. We are building only experimental aircraft at this time. We have started the certification but it is on hold while we round up so more funds. The 500 recip 400 HP is undergoing a redesign with a scaled down wing design taken from the new wing for the 650T. Estimated cost range from $450k to $500 k. We take approximately 11 months to complete a 650T. We have time slots coming up soon. If you would like to talk to me directly call me for more information on my cell 503 330 7152. We have a progressive billing schedule that calls for payment as we complete various stages of the construction. The plane leaves our facility in flying condition and does require some participation on your part.

I apologize for the web site temporally under construction.
Glen Gordon
Sherpa Aircraft

January 4th, 2014

Dear Fred Brown,

Unfortunately our price does keep changing like the wind with rising engine and other significant
components prices but basically the 650 turbine is priced at $1.295.000 million plus extras for auto pilot, avionics, gauges, and oxygen. It is offered with a complete re-manufactured 0 time Honeywell 331-5 840 HP. The high time engine life can exceed 5000 hours depending on the use and cycle application. To start the purchase process we require an initial deposit of $2500.00 to reserve the time slot and then require an addition $197.500.00 when the construction begins. Thereafter we receive payment on a progressive pay program as various components are completed. We usually hold the most expensive components toward the end to avoid tying up funds unnecessarily.

We are still experimental but the plane leaves out facility in flying conditions with some help on your end.

The part 23 certification process was started but is presently put on standby waiting for more funding. We usually estimate the operational expense excluding insurance at twice the cost fuel. The average fuel burn for the Honeywell 331-5 is 43 gallons per hour. We have completed two turbine prototypes and are in the process of building another at the moment. Average build time averages between 11 to 12 months. I would estimate that we will be starting 4 to 5 more within 2 months.

We are working on the 5 place 500 model but won’t have much information for at least 6 months.
Feel free to call my cell or visit us in Scappoose.

Thanks for the interest,
Glen Gordon
Sherpa Aircraft

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