Unofficial Test Flight Results

About pilot Pat Warren:
His airman certificate lists a multitude of ratings including a gold seal CFI badge listing 7 instructor rating. He holds an ATP certificate for both airplanes and helicopters. In addition, he is a licensed A&P mechanic. He has logged more than 14500hrs in jets, turbine airplanes, helicopters, gliders etc…
He teaches classes on mountain flying in the Northwest and serves as a corporate pilot for Pacific Power Products.

“Take off and landing performance zero wind 5600gw is est.
100feet Climb performance sea level 5600lb gross exceeds 1000feet per minute
Slow flight handling characteristics 60mph stable with feet on floor
A real miser on fuel burn: 60mph slow flight 30 to 32 GPH
Intermediate speeds 45{5cd0c8c3bb34f5c59bd7781dd8e61e2c01aeccfbc005c2e548dc94fd26237b43} power 38 to 40 GPH
Intermediate cruise speed 45{5cd0c8c3bb34f5c59bd7781dd8e61e2c01aeccfbc005c2e548dc94fd26237b43} Power speed 155mph
Stick pressure light to moderate in all configurations.
Control response in all configurations excellent
Stall speeds range from 39mph to 44mph
Economy cruise speed configuration not yet tested.
Cruise speed configuration not yet tested
Altitude performance in all categories not yet tested.

All in all the K-650 meets or exceeds all performance figures that were expected. The turbine Sherpa is an exceptional flying machine with fantastic visibility and controllability both in the air and on the ground. My biggest surprise is the low gallon fuel burn with this Honeywell-5 turbine engine.”

~Pat Warren