Special Announcement

446-wing-fitting-7Production manager Wes Gordon shoots in the wing dihedral and the deck angle settings of Sherpa’s new 6 place model K600.

The company estimates that the new K600 will support a typical range of 500 miles with a pilot, fuel reserves and 1500 pounds of cargo. The big K600’s instrument panel will support the choice of pretty much any avionic glass panel options needed. Other options available will be an Oxygen system for all six seats, auto pilot, dual landing light system and Hartzell’s amazing thrust producing 4 blade propeller. Like the K650T turbine, no composite structural components are use in the construction to make back country remote area repairs possible without long delays.

Certification of the K600 will be submitted to the FAA for Part 23 approval with Sherpa’s K650T which is presently in progress.