Sherpa's OSHKOSH Display Excites Crowds


Sherpa’s representatives were overwhelmed by an unexpected large turnout at this years EAA Oshkosh event. Overwhelmed visitors were shocked when they saw the size and performance capabilities of the new turbine Sherpa. Interested potential purchasers ranged from gold mining operators to medi-vac transporters; from the plains of Kansas to the high mountains of Mexico. Other interested parties fantasized about the use of the Sherpa for use in law enforcement, border patrol, skydiving teams and missionary support work etc…

One of the highlights of the “8” day event was the viewing of the 8th edition Sherpa Turbine video which ran non-stop from the day before the show. Take off and landing sequences shown in the video amazed the crowd when they saw 80-90ft take off and landings in 4.5 seconds.