Just imagine an eight-place aircraft with a 3000 pound useful load, cruise speed of 195 mph, fuel capacity of 346 gallons and the ability to land at 40MPH. That’s Sherpa’s New K-650T.


What a 3000 LB Useful Load Can Do For You

It is rare to discover a single engine aircraft that can do all things for all people. It is also common for first time observers to assume that the new Sherpa turbine is primarily intended for use in Alaska. An examination of the list of global applications received to date reveals how the versatile
K650T can support about every operation with the exception of a high speed Jet.

Inquiries include:

  1. Gold mine operators that need to pack their precious ore
  2. Law enforcement officers that patrol high-ways and hunting operations
  3. Boarder patrol and DEA operations
  4. Tour operators for site seeing tourists
  5. Hunters and fishermen that want to go where no else can go
  6. Economical emergency medical transport operations
  7. Construction truck for carrying building materials and supplies
  8. Fuel tankers with the ability to draw from 346 gallons of fuel
  9. Cross country flights with plenty of payload, range and speed
  10. 60 mph slow flight spotting operations while burning only 30 GPH
  11. Fire patrol for dropping jumpers close in
  12. Ranch hand with an ability to pack a ton of hay
  13. Sky diving
  14. Skis and floats operations
  15. Oil field operations

And on and on…

Whether the day’s events include the transportation of passengers or different kinds of cargo, Sherpa’s huge cargo hold seating can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate the load. All passengers and crew enjoy outstanding visibility and roomy seating. All eight positions are supplied with oxygen and intercom audio stereo outlets.