Come See For Yourself


For those of you that are anxious to see a chart displaying exact performances of our 650 we apologize for the delay in providing that information. We have determined that whether we go 187mph or 203mph at cruise configuration at altitude it’s faster than any other STOL aircraft ever produced. If you’re worried about an exact number on the slow speed we’ve determined that the range of 34-39mph is close enough.

We know what the aircraft hauls and we know that pilot proficiency, given time and experience with the aircraft, will improve on anything we publish.

What’s our point? Our time is better spent tweaking this aircraft to make it an enjoyable flying machine that does more than was ever expected; and that’s what we have accomplished. See for yourself at the upcoming Arlington Air Show July7-11 or the EAA annual Oshkosh event July 26-August 1, space 258.